Domain Management

DSW have been monitoring  Internet Service Provider’s Nameservers which are used by our customers and we realised that many ISPs had unstable servers and tended to have single points of failures. We also found the portals to make DNS changes were severely lacking in functionallity.

With this in mind we have created our own Nameservers and removed all single points of failure. The key points of our system are as follows –

  • Different Data Centres for each Nameserver
  • Nameservers located in different countries
  • Different Domain Name for each Nameserver
  • > 99% uptime for each Nameserver
  • 100% uptime for the DNS service
  • Portal site secured with an SSL Certificate
  • Support for all valid domain extensions (TLD)
  • Support for all the major DNS record types including SRV
  • All Resource record changes are audited and logged
  • Stealth Nameserver in operation
  • Fully monitored with SPMA
  • Daily off-site Backups

This is all well and good for IT technical people but what does it mean to those of you that do not know the difference between an ‘A’ record and an ‘AAAA’ record? All you need to know is your data will be safe, secure and monitored and any changes required to your Domain Names can simply be emailed to us and we will action the changes for you.

Contact us at for a quote. We have package deals for small businesses with a single domain or for large organisations with hundreds of domains.

Here are some of the features that are included with every package

  • Unlimited queries – No limits on the number of queries to your Domain records
  • Unlimited number or records – No limits on the number of records in each Domain
  • Secure Portal – A dedicated, secure, password protected DNS Management portal
  • WWW Redirect – Permanent (301) redirect to your main domain. (i.e. redirect to
  • Dynamic DNS – One free Dynamic DNS record in each domain hosted with DSW