Don’t lose your domain

Our business lives are busy so sometimes the simple administration tasks do get forgotten about. Domain name renewals are one of these tasks that can sometimes get forgotten about. This is easy to forget, as it generally only happens once every year or two.

Without your company’s domain names, you will have no presence on the internet. Your customers will use your website to get your address or telephone number. If they can’t get to your website, they may not be able to contact you. Your business email would also cease to be delivered to your inbox.

This is what recently happened to a large American marketing company. (

DSW can help you prevent this with their Domain Management service. Don’t lose your domain, contact us today.

Infrastructure Uplift Project

DSW are currently working on a £20 million Public Sector IT transformation programme to address corporate IT risks, improve service delivery and reduce total cost of ownership. Consolidate three old data centres in to two new data centres, refresh legacy technology platforms, migrate all business applications to the new platforms and provide a disaster recovery capability.

Happy New Year

DSW would like to wish their customers a very Happy New Year, we look forward to another year working with you.

DSW Website hack

It has come to our attention that recently our Web site had been hacked and a subdomain had been created for rbscardservices.
The malicious code has been removed and the subdomain deleted.