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Dynamic DNS

DSW are currently in final testing of our new free Dynamic DNS service. There are many free Dynamic DNS services available however each service is restricted to a limited number of domain names and these may not suit your business. With the DSW Dynamic DNS service, you can setup any hostname under your own domain […]

26 Jan, 2016 Neil

Happy New Year

DSW would like to wish their customers a very Happy New Year, we look forward to another year working with you.

4 Jan, 2016 Neil

Domain Management

DSW is happy to announce their new Domain Management Service. Have a look at the Service Page on this website or contact us at

24 Nov, 2015 Neil

Website fix for Mearns Kirk

For over 2 years, Mearns Kirk had been trying to fix their failed Graveyard Project website but every avenue either lead to disappointment or to failure. DSW were offered the challenge which we were happy to take on. The first stage was to setup a development site on one of DSW’s own internet servers and began […]

17 Sep, 2015 Neil


We had briefly lost our source of HP retired dates but this is now back up and running and the EOSL page has now been updated with a few new dates. The retired dates are from the HP Product Bulletin and HP will generally support the hardware for a further 5 years after the product […]

19 Jun, 2015 Neil

Windows Server 2003 End of Life

In July 2010, Microsoft ended Mainstream support for the Windows Server 2003 family and on 14th July 2015, Microsoft will end Extended support. This will mean that there will be no more updates developed for the Operating System which includes fixes for any vulnerabilities. What does this mean? With no fixes available, your server will […]

28 Apr, 2015 Neil

New alerts for SPMA

The DSW alerting service (SPMA) continues to add more functionality to fit our customers needs. Recent alerts added include Send a Warning if the server reboots Monitor the number of Terminal Services Connections (this can be configured to monitor any TCP port) Monitor ISP Name Servers (ensure the Name Server responds in a timely manner […]

21 Jan, 2015 Neil

The power of systems monitoring

DSW recently setup their SPMA (Systems Performance Monitoring & Alerting) system for one of our customers and to be honest, they didn’t quite understand what they would get out of it. After the system was running for less than 1 week, it showed some strange peaks in CPU and network usage. DSW investigated this which […]

12 Nov, 2014 Neil

6 Phases of a Project

Enthusiasm Disillusionment Panic Search for the Guilty Punishment of the Innocent Praise and Honors for the Non Participants

11 Nov, 2014 Neil

Bind 9.8 monitoring with Cacti

After many hours trawling through many sites and trying a few templates it has become apparent that there is a distinct lack of good statistics graphs for BIND 9 and Cacti. So watch this space for a set of Cacti Templates for BIND 9. In the mean time if you have any suggestions of what […]

9 Oct, 2014 Neil

Resilient DNS Infrastructure

DSW are currently rebuilding one of their partners DNS infrastructures. After the recent ShellShock vulnerability our partner decided that after patching their servers they would also like to refresh their servers and upgrade to the latest version. They also asked DSW to provide better performance monitoring and alerting on the new environment. This project is […]

6 Oct, 2014 Neil

Banking Divestment Project

DSW are currently helping a large bank with a Divestment project with an estimated budget of £1.3bn. Our responsibilities on the project include the design of the data extraction and transport of 2 million accounts and associated data to the target bank. The volume of data to be transported is in excess of 50TB.

5 Sep, 2014 Neil

DSW Website hack

It has come to our attention that recently our Web site had been hacked and a subdomain had been created for rbscardservices. The malicious code has been removed and the subdomain deleted.

26 Jan, 2014 Neil

New Infrastructure Design & Implementation

DSW are currently designing and implementing a completely new infrastructure for one of Scotland’s top independent schools. The design is based on the following – 10 x HP ProLiant DL360p G8, 2 x 6 core CPU, 96GB RAM 2 x HP StoreVirtual 2730 SAN VMware vSphere 5.1U1 VMware vCenter Server 5.1U1 VMware View 5 Windows […]

13 Jun, 2013 Neil


We have created an EOSL (End Of Service/Support Life) dates page for HP servers as they are not readily available on the HP web site. If there are any errors or omissions then please let us know.

7 Jan, 2013 Neil

Disaster Recovery Design

DSW are currently working with a Government Agency in Scotland to update and test their Disaster Recovery Strategy. Have you ever asked yourself the question “What would my company/organisation do if our Computer Room/Data Center stopped working for any reason?”

10 Sep, 2012 Neil

Infrastructure design

DSW are currently contracted to do some Infrastructure Design work for a large financial organisation in Edinburgh.

22 Mar, 2012 Neil

System Monitoring & Alerting

DSW have just completed a large installation and configuration of Cacti & Nagios for one of their clients Here is a list of some of the Hardware and Software used RHEL 6 – RedHat Enterprise Linux on a vSphere Virtual Machine (vCenter & ESXi 4.1) Nagios Core v3.3.1 – Monitoring and Alerting snmptt – SNMP […]

18 Nov, 2011 Neil

IT Strategy Review

DSW are currently running an IT Strategy Review for one of their customers. Do you know what direction your business should be taking as far as the IT strategy is concerned. What are your plans for the next 6 months, year or 5 years? There is a big buzz about Cloud Computing but what is […]

1 Jun, 2011 Neil

Registerdns – how does it work?

I had the situation whereby a server had two dns servers configured and both of these dns servers had the dns zone installed as secondary. So how did the server update/register it’s forward and reverse lookup dns records? This page will help you understand what happens.

24 May, 2011 Neil

Updated Configuring Raw Disks on RHEL6

After further testing and checking, I have updated my page on how to setup the permissions on Raw Disks for use with Informix. This was tested on RHEL 6 running IDS 11.70.FC2

6 May, 2011 Neil

IBM System x – No Op ROM Space

New Hardware Howto added to solve the “No Op ROM Space” error on IBM System x servers. IBM x3690 – No OP ROM Space

7 Apr, 2011 Neil

New vSphere environment

DSW is currently designing and building a new vSphere 4.1 environment for one of their customers. They currently only run a couple of ESXi servers so this is their first step into virtualisation in their production environment.

14 Mar, 2011 Neil